Six oral care mistakes

Most people understand that caring for their teeth is one of the important things to make their life better, but sometimes they are not doing it in the right way. We came up with six common oral care mistakes people need to avoid when caring for their smiles. Are there any you habitually make?


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1. Brushing right after eating


According to Daily Mail, most of the people think that brushing right after meals can help to remain theoral hygiene as well as the proper pH neutralization in their mouth. It is the best if you can practice a healthy habit by rinsing your mouth with water and brush your teeth until at least thirty minutes after eating.

Eating and drinking food contain sugar and acids such as orange juice; lemon juice will weaken the enamel on your teeth. Consuming dairy products is essential for strengthening and maintaining healthy teeth


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2. Only drink water bottle.


It’s is important to keep up with the health of your teeth. However, drinking bottle water may cause lack of fluoride; the vital part of the dental health. You should know that there are some vitamins, fluoride, and minerals that are contained in tap water which help to improve your oral health.


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3. Only brush the front surface of the teeth


Everybody wish for the radiant smile by just brushing the front face of the teeth and totally forget about cleaning the back surface. In fact, back surfaces are lodging food wedged between your teeth. It also develops the plaques and increases the chance of recessing gum. The front, the back, and the top all need brushing.


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4. Brushing your teeth in the shower.


It is the fun fact that most people think if they brush their teeth in the shower, it could save extra time. However, it won’t be much of a benefit much for you. Standing in front of the mirror, gently and slowly brushing every corner of your teeth


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5. Snacking too much

Consuming too much snack could contribute to a health problem in your teeth. The health of your gums and your teeth depends on the level the acid in your mouth (PH level). When you frequently snack the bacteria in your mouth have to produce acid, so your teeth are soaked in acid. Your teeth can’t take it!


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6. Brushing too often or too hard

While brushing your teeth twice a day is ideal, but doing it more frequently and brushing your teeth too hard may not be helpful. Over-brushing your teeth will harm your enamel and damage your gums.

Dental experts’ advice is to brush your teeth for 2 minutes by using a soft toothbrush to remove the cavities and left –over food stuck between your teeth.


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