Price Comparisons and Introduction to Dental Tourism in Vietnam

All-On-4 Implant Dental Holiday: Taking a Big Bite into Savings

“For those willing to hop on a plane, visiting a dentist in another country could save travelers over 70% on dental procedures”. -Fox News

Vietnam: The Best Bang for your Buck  

Average: USD $5,000- 7,000 (per jaw)

As the Vietnamese economy explodes at one of the fastest rates in the world, it only makes sense that the medical and tourist industries are following in like manner. Unlike the flush or bust medical history of Thailand and the costly treatments found in Singapore and Hong Kong, Vietnam offers services that are much more affordable whilst maintaining international quality.

As Vietnam ripens, its unique economic position garners prices that remain much lower than their SE Asian counterparts, giving it the ability to deliver world class dentistry with a much more favourable price tag.


vietnam economy 1


Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

When considering where to go for a dental holiday we can’t forget about the best part…the holiday. In regards to tourism, Vietnam caters a unique experience unparalleled by any other dental holiday hotspot.

Vietnam has increasingly become one of the top holiday destinations over the past 10 years as it’s host to the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site- Halong Bay, Han Son Doong- the world’s largest cave, endless pristine beaches, lush jungles and a rich, unspoiled culture of its own.


halong bay 2


When comparing prices in some of the most popular dental tourist hotspots in Asia, the benefits of having your procedure in Vietnam go well beyond the lines of medical savings. has listed Vietnam as one of the three cheapest countries for travel in the world, and you will find that its dental tourism price sits very well compared to its regional competitors like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

After opening its gates to the tourist industry in the early-mid 1990s, Vietnam quickly emerged as one of the most undiscovered countries in SE Asia. Since then, Vietnam has hospitably welcomed visitors from all over the world with open arms.


dental tourism 3


In a place with such a wonderful and inviting culture, both travellers and medical tourists are treated as equals. It is not uncommon to be invited in a perfect stranger’s home and treated like family, and it is with this kind of spirit that we treat our patients as well.

Currently, Vietnam is experiencing massive growth in dental tourism thanks to extremely low costs, modern facilities, internationally certified dentists and its buzzing holiday destination scene.

Last year alone, Vietnam hosted over 50,000 international patients from all over the world, which resulted in USD $100 million of generated profit. As the industry has begun its rapid incline, and more citizens of developed countries make their way overseas to seek treatment, Vietnam is quickly gaining global recognition as a prime hub for treatment.



Average Cost of All-On-4

Hong Kong

USD $25,000-30,000  (per jaw)


USD $20,000-25,000  (per jaw)


USD $15,000-16,700  (per jaw)


USD $9,800- 11,200 (per jaw)


USD $6,500- 9,000  (per jaw)


USD $5,000- 7,000  (per jaw)

International Av.

USD $ 20,000-24,000 (per jaw)


Thailand: A Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Average: USD $9,800- 11,200 (per jaw)

Thailand has previously dominated the market for travellers seeking cheap medical assistance. However, it's often forgot that you get what you pay for. It is no secret that Thailand has a long history of both successful and problematic operations, and finding a legitimately licensed clinic can be a tricky venture at times.


dental thailand 4


In fact, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) warns its citizens of some of the risks involved, including operating clinics that don’t meet health and safety standards and the use of low quality materials. Although Thailand does inarguably have some of the cheapest international rates, and when chosen carefully, excellent clinics, many feel the medical industry there can be a bit too inconsistent for personal comfort.


Singapore and Hong Kong: Not any Cheaper than your Home County!

Average: Singapore USD $20,000-25,0000  |  Hong Kong  USD $25,000- 30,000

Although Singapore has a standard of health care that is on par with the western world, the fact is that Singapore and Hong Kong are not much cheaper than your home country. Therefore, these destinations are not ideal for saving money.

Singapore ranks as the 6th most expensive city in the world and in addition to your sizable medical bill, travel, food and transportation costs are significantly more expensive than all other countries in SE Asia.


singapore dental 5


 Hong Kong has exceptional dental care services and hard to argue with that. But, with the price of implants almost doubling that of Australia and other western countries it’s difficult to see Hong Kong as a means to save money on your dental holiday.

You can receive world class treatment in Hong Kong but you will most certainly pay for it. As the majority of dental tourists go abroad to escape high prices, it would not be cost effective to visit one of the world’s most pricey cities.

Malaysia: A 2-Trip Inconvenience  

Average: USD $6,500- 9,000 (per jaw)

Malaysia’s dental experts often don’t use the All-On-4 method making it quite difficult to find a clinic that can assist you with this treatment. Once you have found a clinic, they usually require 2 visits over a 3-6-month time period.


malaysia dental 6


This will mean purchasing another round of pricey plane tickets which further adds to your total cost. This is quite inconvenient considering nearly all other countries can manage the same operation in 10 days, and with a very high success rate.

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