Passion turned into success


Life, Goals and Hobbies: Words from Dr. Lam

When I was a boy my grandmother had removable dentures. As I grew up, I always noticed how she struggled with eating and had to cover her mouth when she laughed. These lasting experiences of her were the roots of my interest in dentistry, which led me down the path of stem cell tissue research.

I had an idea, that maybe, just maybe, I could figure out how to grow teeth back. And although scientists have not reached this milestone yet, heavy research is currently underway. When I first discovered the existence of implants, I strove to learn everything I could about them, and it became the primary focus of my work.


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Although my dental work is of incredible importance to me, I have many hobbies outside of my professional life that bring a lot of joy, and strike positive balance between my work and personal life. I love to play and sing the guitar and I’m an avid tennis player. I play regularly, and love to compete in double match competitions.

In regards to my work, I am very passionate about dental implants and I really hope to implement this method throughout Vietnam and further across the globe. A confident smile can change people’s lives, and I have seen this procedure instantly bring joy to clients from across the world.


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This fuels my fire as an implant specialist, and pushes me to dedicate more time to my craft. In my opinion, dental implants truly are an artform of their own that can rejuvenate anyones smile.


With an unwavering dedication to innovation and dentistry, PhD. Dr. Tran Hung Lam (Surgeon) has rigorously worked to stay one step ahead by embracing the industries most modern techniques and utilisation of ground-breaking technology.

His education in the field has been a unique journey that has taken him around the world and brought joy to thousands of people, as well as provided himself with a warm sense of accomplishment which serves as continual inspiration to continue his work.


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With humble beginnings, he obtained his D.D.S (Doctor of Dental Surgery), and graduated at the top of his class at the HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals. Soon after, his strong desire for further specialised training brought him overseas to France where he received his PhD for implants and restoration.

Upon completion of the course, Dr. Lam was delighted to add his Diploma of International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI) to his wall of accomplishments, as well as a DU in Prosthodontics.


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In 2015, he was, much to his marvel, made fellow by nomination into the International Team for Implantology (ITI). This has been not only a great source of pride for him personally, but also a significant motivator for Dr. Lam as he can see his passion and dedication in the field have certainly gained international recognition.


Recent Professional Activities:

In collaborative ProArch/All-on-4 research with Professor Michel Dard from New York University, Dr. Lam is near to publishing his new scientific essay about his studies’ on the All-on-4 implant process. This will be published by many prestigious international medical journals in 2017.


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Awards and International Recognition:

Already enjoying a happy life with a lasting and fruitful career, Dr. Lam has also been the recipient of numerous, exciting awards from the international dental community. In 2011, he received 1st place in a research-based tissue engineering competition held the by the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) in Singapore. 2011 was quite a productive year, as Dr. Lam also attended and successfully presented his analysis based on clinical implant cases at Hamburg, Germany’s ICOI Conference.


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Over the years, Dr. Lam has led a prosperous career noteworthy to any up-and-coming dental professional. He has been a renegade of dentistry in Vietnam, and has not been shy in sharing his knowledge with others. His impact in the industry runs deep, and we here in Vietnam, and abroad, are lucky to have the luxury of services from such a qualified and compassionate practitioner.

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