Implants and the All-on-Four Procedure: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Can I Know Your Doctors are Internationally Certified to Perform Implant Procedures?

A: All of our specialists hold various internationally recognised certificates in their field awarded by respected worldwide organisations. Simply click on the certificate below to be taken directly to a webpage which will describe in detail what these certificates are, and what exactly they mean. When you visit our offices you see the notarized certificates on display in our lobby.

 Here is a breakdown of our doctor’s  awarded certifications: Click to read and verify the information.

 *Master's Degree of Prosthodontics

*Diplomate of International Congress of Oral Implantology- ICOI

*Conference Presenter: Clinical Implant Analysys (Hamburg, Germany)- ICOI

*Nominated Fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI).

*International Association of Dental Research Competition Winner (Tissue Engineering)- IADR


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In 2016 we received the Global Patients’ Choice Award from world renown websites and, two of the most prominent and trusted global dental tourism websites. We also obtained our GCR (Global Clinic Rating) which is only given to clinics that have proven to be above the international standard and have met the strict criteria . Elite Dental is ranked #3 out of 171 clinics. They also received a 5-star rating from 85 patient reviews. Elite Dental recieved a 5-star rating from 1,45 users.


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Q2. Why is This Operation So Much Cheaper in Vietnam than Most Countries?

As Vietnam’s economy has just recently exploded to become one of the fastest developing countries in the world, it is currently in a unique position allowing it access to import high quality hardware for a relatively cheap price. So, in order for these materials to be implemented into its healthcare system on a larger level, dental clinics must be able to offer installation at an affordable price that both locals and expats can afford. Countries like Hong Kong and Singapore are much further along in their development so they ar not able to offer this kind of surgery for such a low cost due to the extremely high standard of living. Vietnam ranks in the top 3 cheapest countries in asia on several well trusted websites. Click the links below for more information. | | | |


Q3. Cheap Often Means Low Quality Materials or Craftsmanship. How Can I Be Sure This Clinic is Using Materials that Meet International Standards?

From manufacturing to the installation of the dental hardware, Elite Dental is directly involved in the entire process. Their staff personally handpicks highly reputable technicians from Japan and France. Using internationally certified hardware and producing them at our factory right here in Vietnam allows us to offer the All-on-4 at a much lower price than those that import finished products.


In order to receive the Global Clinic Rating above, all clinics must pass strict international standard inspections to ensure they are using certified prostheses. Once a clinic has been awarded a high rating, clients can be comfortable knowing that the all the equipment has meet world class standards. Please click on the links below (if you have not already) to see more details about our 5-star ratings and customer reviews.  |  |  Global Clinic Rating  


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Q4. How Long Will the Procedure Take?

Compared to the exhausting time and countless visits it takes to complete the denture process, the All-on-4 is a significantly quicker procedure. There are 2 steps to the All-on-4 implants.


Stage One: 7-10 days

Teeth extraction and bone graft (if required). Placement of your implants.  


*After 7-10 days, the customer will come back for a check up.*


Stage Two: 10-12 days

*Depending on the type of implant chosen, the patient will return 2-3 months later for stage two.*


Tooth impression. Production of final prosthesis. 2-3 fittings for new implants. After customer approval, final prosthesis will be attached. 2-3 days later, patient returns for final checkup.


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Q5. What Happens if I Have a Problem When I Get Back to My Home Country?

Keep in mind that as of 2017, All-on-4 implants have had an impressive 98% success rate according to several published studies. (

 However, if a problem is detected once you return home and we are responsible, we will happily pay for your ticket back to Vietnam, provide full accommodation and repair any damages required. However, in order to avoid this we always check up with our customers post-operation to ensure our they are happy with their new look, and are physically comfortable. Every 3-6 months we also send a reminder to visit their local dentist for a routine checkup.

 Elite Dental and its clients will follow the given contract upon agreement for medical treatment. This guarantees the patient is covered in a fair manner and treated with full respect. Depending on the material chosen for your implant that time period can fluctuate. See a brief breakdown of each implant for a quick overview. Contact us now for more specific details.

 Straumann and Nobel Implant: Lifetime Warranty

Dentis and Dentium Implant: 5 years

Crowns on Implants or Natural Teeth, Bridges and Veneers: 5 years

Removable Dentures: 1 year


Q6. Will the Dentists and Staff Speak English?

Yes. At Elite Dental our staff can speak fluent English, French, Russian and Vietnamese of course.


Q7. What Should I Prepare Before Coming?

We suggest patients bring all previous medical records and health insurance information on their medical holiday to Ho Chi Minh City. In Vietnam, you are required to arrange your visa BEFORE you arrive, so all relevant documents including your passport, 2 photos, hotel and flight information will be required. See click the link below to order your visa now.

Vietnam E-Visa

 We also suggest you carefully select a hotel in close proximity to our clinic for convenience. A hotel with a restaurant is highly recommended so you don’t have to endure the hassle of going around the busy city looking for suitable food.

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