Elite Dental first clinic in Vietnam to achieve major international affiliation with Straumann Advanced Education Center

Ho Chi Minh City—March 25 th , 2019. The Elite Dental Group and THL Academy, represented by Dr. Tran Hung Lam, D.M., has been officially recognized as a Straumann Advanced Education Center.

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“Straumann Advanced Education Center will contribute towards the advancement in knowledge and skills for Vietnamese and regional dental implant specialists,” said Elite Dental Group and THL Academy representative Dr. Tran Hung Lam, D.M. “Dental implants restore form, function, and esthetics, and improve the quality of life of patients, especially the elderly”.

Under the operational agreement between The Elite Dental Group and Straumann, Elite will:
● Perform clinical studies
● Organize regional and global lecture series
● Provide dental implant training for the Asia Pacific region (APAC)
● Provide guidance for dental implant practitioners in the Asia Pacific
region (APAC)

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Comprehensive topics in the field of implant dentistry will be covered, including:
● Treatment for patients with total tooth loss
● Immediate loading implants
● Full digital workflow for implant-prosthetic rehabilitations

Professor Michel Dard, a representative for Straumann AG, stated that the center provides knowledge and technological transfer for dental implant specialists with the mission to improve the treatment quality and experience of patients.

Currently there are just five training centers appointed by the Institut Straumann AG in the Asian region, located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Vietnam. As one of the only Straumann AG centers in Southeast Asia, Elite Dental Group and THL Academy are honored to be the group’s first representative in Vietnam.

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It is anticipated that the launch of the Straumann Advanced Education Center will bring the dental industry in Vietnam to an international level.

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