All-On-4 teeth in a day in Vietnam

Male patient. 51 years old.

Nationality: Australian. Working and living in Australia.

We examined this patient, took the CBCT and photos to find out that he has presenting a failing dentition. Due to periodontal disease and vertical bone resorption, he may lose almost teeth in the near future. If many teeth are lost, the function of chewing and pronunciation will be affected dramatically. We could not eat properly and pronounce correctly.


allon vn 1

Therefore, Dr. Lam would like to suggest him to do All on 4 as he required a long-term solution for his condition. All the damaged periodontal teeth will be taken out and replaced by 4 implants. The provisional bridge is placed on the same day to remain the functions and esthetic appearance within the healing period and integration between jawbone and the implants.


allon vn 2


allon vn 3


The ALL-ON-4 procedure could be completed in Vietnam and comes with clear benefits such as:

  • Utilizing four implants in the upper or lower jaw to be anchored for fixed bridge.
  • No bone grafting required, less painful and risky.
  • All on 4 helps restoring facial muscle tone, creating a natural look.
  • Saving time and money while lowering discomfort.
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