Tooth fillings is used when you got a tooth decay. It is a temporary lesion appearing on the surface of the tooth. This lesion forms small holes on teeth which cause disfigurement and affects your chewing function. There are three common types of tooth decay:

  • Tooth decay on the surface which appears on the face of the tooth or between the teeth.
  • Tooth decay on the root which occurs when the gums sink and the root of the tooth is exposed. With no enamel for protection, teeth are susceptible to decay.
  • Recurring tooth decay occurs when plaque forms around the fillings.

Signs that you have tooth decay :

  • Milky or black spots on the surface of the tooth
  • Dark discoloration of the tooth
  • Bad breath
  • Toothache and not able to chew or swallow
  • Signs of wear in the neck of the tooth
  • Tooth deformity
  • Enamel calcification



Tooth decay on the surface of the teeth


Why tooth filling :

  • Tooth decay affects the chewing function.
  • If not promptly treated, surface tooth decay will progress into the enamel, dentin, pulp and enter the nerve system, causing pain and discomfort
  • If left untreated for too long, tooth decay will affect the neighbouring teeth
  • Tooth decay affects the aesthetics of your smile.

What happens in your tooth filling appointment :

  • Elite Dental’s dentist will take radiographs to accurately diagnose the damage to your teeth and pulp.
  • The dentist will provide you with a detailed treatment plan.
  • The damage will then be cleaned and removed from the tooth or teeth.
  • Composite recreation returns the aesthetics and functionality of broken or decaying teeth.
  • The filling material is hardened by polymerization or LED lamp
  • The tooth will then be ground and polished to complete.

Filling with composite :

Composite is a popular material for tooth fillings as it has the color of natural teeth, high strength and is non toxic.



The advantages of composite :

  • Natural tooth colour
  • Quick treatment
  • Non toxic

Tooth fillings with the sonic fill technique :

Composite fillings are even better with a new technique called Sonic Fill. It enables the composite material to adapt precisely to the cavity walls through the application of sonic energy. The result ensures the filling is applied completely and quickly, and is applied only once instead of in layers. Sonic Fill is a high performance advancement in modern restorative dentistry. Shrinkage of the material is almost 0% compared with 3-4% shrinkage of the classic composite. The great advantage of this technique is a significant reduction in tooth sensitivity after composite fillings.