Root canal treatment (in expert called endodontic treatment) is usually called taking marrow (this call is incorrect because that can lead to errors in comprehension and treatment) is a large specialized in dentistry because if doing well, it is required to have more superior facilities and experienced doctors.

Teeth are indicated endodontic treatment once their lesions (usually due to tooth decay, trauma, periodontitis…) have spread to the pulp, causing inflammation and irresistible pulpits…). Sometimes the tooth pulp is still vital but needed endodontic treatment due to the requirements of restoration.



The typical endodontic treatment includes stages such as anesthesia, opening, cleaning and shaping, obturating the canal and finally filling.

This is a job that requires doctors’ meticulous and persistence. With one canal teeth (eg incisors), the canal system is relatively simple, and with the multi canal tooth (eg molar,), it is more difficult because sometimes the canal system is complex.

Therefore, in order to get better endodontic treatment, it is required to have intensive training doctors and more modern machinery to support the work.

An indispensable device for endodontic treatment is modern digital X-ray machine. It can help doctors capture X-ray images in high quality, fast and reduce the amount of X -rays down to a minimum

More advanced, doctors could use Cone Beam CT to observe the tooth structure in three dimensions.

During the treatment, the apex locator device can help the doctors locate the tip of the tooth correctly, minimizing the missing sealed materials or superfluous around the apex.

At Elite Dental, besides diagnostic facilities, clinic is also equipped with X – Smart – the modern endodontic device. This is the system used by the Ni – Ti rotary instruments with high flexibility, which can help doctors in treating the curved and complicated canal system with minimized time.