General dental check up is activity of the periodically dental care that should be maintained because it will help your teeth and gums better. Thanks to this habit, instead of treating you will be prevented from oral diseases, especially gum diseases. Why so?

Have you ever got the following problems?

  • When brushing teeth, gum is bleeding;
  • Gums are red, swollen, or even apart from the teeth.
  • Appearing pus in gum border line whenever having impact force.
  • Teeth are shaky or lost not due to tooth decay.
  • There are unusual changes when chewing.
  • Bad Breath …


All the signs are warning of gum disease, which is predisposing to periodontal diseases if not treated properly). However, one person who has a habit of regularly dental check-up will be able to early detect the symptoms and have prompt treatment solution before they become serious. That is why, at Elite Dental, we recommend that you should maintain schedule to the dentist every 6 months to get the fastest detection & treatment for oral problems (tooth decay, wisdom teeth eruption…) and prevent from gum disease, periodontal disease. Particularly, patients with a history of gum, periodontal or other oral disease, periodic intervals will be shortened.





Periodically dental check-up at Elite Dental

  1. General exam: Dentist will use instruments to examine tooth, mouth, tongue, gums, palate, mucous membrane… for detecting unusual signs of the tooth and oral cavity (if any)
  2. Taking X-rays (in the unwell case): The panoramic oral film will help dentist get the general consideration of your teeth, jaw condition and other structures such as condyle, temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ)…by which dentist will make the accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient.

    3. Implementing some programs of the specific screening test if there are any sign of serious illness such as periodontics, oral cancer…

    4. Consulting with patient about the most reasonable care treatment plan.

    Besides regular visits, your need to beautify teeth and smile will be discussed with experts of Elite Dental. We will consult you advanced techniques for not only making beautiful teeth and smile but also ensuring the dental health.