Dental veneers is a method that can gives us a sunny smile, therefore we can easily get along with people as well as radiate confidence. However not all of us are blessed with a whitening, evenly aligned and well proportioned teeth. Beside, there are so many reasons which make our smile getting badly day by day: age, get chipped or broken due to accidents, stained due to various medications, foodstuffs or usage of substances like tobacco, tea, soda… A porcelain dental veneer (Veneer) is a wonderful way to improve these matters.

Unlike a crown, which covers the entire tooth, Veneer covers only teeth’ surface (similar to the way a false fingernail covers a nail). With the “magical mask”, Veneer allows dentists to cover discolored teeth, close small spaces, remove worn edges and make crooked teeth appear straight.


A dental veneer is a very thin porcelain layer


Previously, you have ever thought about cosmetic restorations, but afraid to be grinded many teeth surfaces. With Veneer, your teeth will be only prepared about 0.6 mm thickness. After that, dentists apply special techniques to paste porcelain veneers on the outside of teeth to provide a newer looking smile, so quickly and safely.


Veneer is indicated to close spaces between teeth


Veneer can change the shape of teeth


Because Veneer doesn’t change much on natural teeth, the feeling of chewing is almost unchanged and teeth’s enamel is maintained maximum. The porcelain veneer also is quite thin; so the teeth’s color looks similar to natural teeth. However, veneer techniques require that dentists have a high professional level to achieve the technical and aesthetics requirements.