Dental crown and bridge is a solution for damaged teeth. When teeth get damaging, dentist often carry out a treatment of dental filling. However, if the damage is too serious (deep decay, broken, root canal …) and a filling cannot stay, you will be recommend to use a dental crown over the damaged teeth to restore its original shape and make it work effectively while chewing.

Dental crowns can be fabricated out of different materials, including all metal dental crowns, normal metal (be stainless alloys as alloys Ni-Cr, Cr- Co, Titanium…), precious meta (gold/ platinum dental crown). Especially, porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown (PFM) and all porcelain dental crown are very popular now because they look like your natural teeth.

A dental crown is a cap or total covering for a tooth which has been damaged.


A tooth after grinding to put a dental crown covering


A crown by alloys Cr-Co


A gold crown


PFM crown (Porcelain fused metal) 


All ceramic crown (Zirconia)


DENTAL BRIDGE (Fixed Bridge)

When a tooth or multiple teeth are lost, a dental bridge might be the solution if you don’t want to wear a removable partial deture (RPD) or put Implant.

To create a bridge, dentist will first grind the natural teeth (2 or more) on either side of the space where the missing tooth was. After that, depend on amount of losing tooth, they will fill in the space with one or more false tooth. Like as dental crown, bridges usually made of porcelain bonded to precious metal. Note that method of making bridge is only possible if you have enough strong teeth with good bone support.

Compared with removable partial denture (RPD), dental bridge is more convenient because it is fixed, stable, and feels like your own teeth. However, the method might not suitable with the elderly because of difficult hygiene requirements.


A bridge connects two or more crowns together to replace one or more missing teeth


A teeth bridge with dental crowns by porcelain-fused-to-metal



A bridge of all porcelain dental crowns