Comparison between Implant and other kind of prosthesis will show you why you should choose Implant as a solution for your ploblem. Besides, the impact between removable dentures and ridge can damage ridge and create bad tumors in the mouth.



Dental bridges:

The dental bridge gives almost the real chewing function, but it is required to cut adjacent teeth to be prepared as abutment teeth.

Jawbone where the tooth lost gets gradual atrophy, this affects the face aesthetic appearance. Just damaging a part of real tooth in the dental bridge makes restoration fail and need to be done again.

Comparing with the removable denture and dental bridge, implant has the superior benefits:

1. Slow down or stop bone atrophy process

After losing teeth, there will have gum and bone atrophy at losing tooth area, which affects the face aestheticism, makes the face hollow and the older-than-age feeling. Removable denture and dental bridge can not prevent bone from atrophy.

Implants – putting titanium into the jaw, integrated to the bone – will help the bone not be atrophy. Therefore, lips and cheeks are not sunken; face is distorted, still keeping the beauty and youth. In addition, Implant is safe because you don’t have to cut the adjacent teeth in the tooth-loss area, so it doesn’t affect the real teeth.


2. Comfortable as never loosing teeth

Denture locates on the teeth and gum’s surface, the continuously atrophy bone makes dentures no longer fit, leads to the sliding or stiff jaw. The revealed nerve fibers and the gum’s stimulus increase your discomfort.

Replaced tooth which is supported by Implant are steadily kept into the jawbone. Therefore, the above problem caused by dentures will be removed.

With the implant technique, the teeth are made separately. This helps dental floss usage easily, feels like real teeth because the teeth are separated.

Besides, if being done correctly and taken good care, Implant will have lifelong durability. Implant helps you chew nearly the same as of the teeth compared with the real teeth (the removable denture’s is only 20-50%).


3. Pronounce easily

When the teeth slide around the mouth because denture does not fit, the facial muscle will be in bent state to keep the teeth in place. This leads to the lisping, or stammer in pronunciation. The lost teeth which are replaced by Implants and other natural teeth will help you speak naturally and relaxedly.

4. Perform the chewing functions almost like the real teeth

A full denture covering the entire palate looses you a part of taste of the food. With the Implant as abutment, the denture will no longer cover palate, therefore you will be able to enjoy the food completely.

You can enjoy the delicious food or your favorite wine, because you are not entangled by the inconvenient removable denture. You can also eat some kinds of fruit and crispy roasted nuts such as peanuts. Gums and oral mucosa are no longer irritated or burning by denture rubbing. The more delicious food you eat, the better health you will get.