All-on-4 is the newest technology of Implant that gives you a perfect solution for your missing tooth's problem. The introduction of bone osseointegration and Implant concept in the 1960s has opened a new era of dental industry, General and Prosthodontics dentistry. Dental implant uses a Titanium piece that is placed in the jawbone, replacing the root of a missing tooth. A missing tooth or a full set of teeth can be fully restored by this method. 



Previously, dentures were the only solution for edentulous patients who were in need of restorations. Patients have complained of slurred speech, food stuck under the denture, bulky appliance…etc. Dentures only recover 50-60 percent of chewing ability, hence reducing the enjoyment of savoring your food. 

The introduction of Implant has revolutionized in teeth restoration and overcame past disadvantages, new teeth will be customized for that perfect fit, and almost chewing ability will be recovered.

Nobel Biocare, world leading Implant manufacturer in Sweden has developed the ‘All-on-4’ technique It means placing 4 implants into the jawbone, minimizing bone grafting or sinus augmentation. Later, multi-unit abutments will be placed as a bridge, which supports the prosthetic teeth, including 12 teeth of each jaw.


                                             An edentulous patient                                        




             Placing 4 implants into the jawbone         



Adapted denture is placed (Teeth in a day)



                             Fixed denture in place                                   





Benefits of  this method:

1. Saving cost with only 4 implants placed into each jaw, restoring a full set of teeth.
2. Eliminating complex surgery such as bone grafting or sinus augmentation.
3. Getting immediate results and well-proven outcomes in clinical studies.
4. Procedure only takes one day and patients back to home with new teeth.